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LISA V is a life-long painter, beginning her study in oils as a young child.  She won her first award in the fourth grade with presidential recognition that shocked everyone including Lisa. Her passion for nature was brought on by spending time on her families vineyards with her brothers and sisters. She has been on the cover of over 45 magazines, wine labels and books throughout the Northwest. Today her stunning landscapes and vineyard scenes are interpretative with bold color, playful rhythms with stunning visual impact. Her frequent travels throughout the Northwest and vineyards from around the world have given her numerous outlets to play with. Lisa V's unique painting style has become known as Bold Impressionism, with collectors from around the world eagerly anticipating her next work.  As a unique artist with bright and playful colors, Lisa has gained recognition as a prolific, modern master of impressionism.  You can purchase her work through The Lisa V Gallery, located in Sandpoint Idaho, Studio 107 in Coeur D Alene Idaho and Dolphin Galleries in Hawaii.

"Walking into Lisa's Studio is like walking into a sunny day."

Sandpoint Magazine.

At a young age Sandpoint artist Lisa V. Maus studied winemaking in France.  She was supposed to be a winemaker, yet when she was in the fourth grade her Parents took her to see the art and gardens of Claude Monet, she was hooked.  "It was amazing to see the vibrant brush strokes of color in his work.  His thick paintings had endless control of light that were visible down to the hair."  The following year she won her first national drawing competition with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and won her first national award at the age of twelve.  Her vineyard paintings have become some of the most popularly viewed art world-wide on Google, Yahoo and MSN. She has gone on to become an award winning artist, National and International and has received numerous magazine covers with her vineyard paintings.
Lisa's style would be considered much like the Impressionistic French Masters with vivid color mixed right on the canvas using thick and rich oil paint. By mixing the paint right on the canvas, like Monet or VanGough, she is able to flick the colors back and forth creating beautiful vivid art without over mixing the paint.  This style, French Impressionism, is unique in that you never get the same results twice and yes challenging because you are mixing the paint down to the hair.  Every Brush Stroke matters, just as in a symphony where every note contributes to the whole to create a wonderful master piece.  The results are amazing, see for yourself. 

The three dimensional quality that Lisa captures in her Vineyard, Northwest Landscapes and Luscious Florals has earned her numerous collectors.

"I usually spend the most time on composition and getting most of my material from pictures and lots of imagination. I layout tons of photos all over the floor and explore composition with color.  I love to travel, so many of my paintings come from Italy, France, California, Sandpoint Idaho and of course our family winery, Butterfly Creek.  One of my most favorite artists, Roland Hacking, once told me, composition is everywhere you only have to stop long enough to see it."
Lisa travels to her hometown winery yearly for harvest and of course lots of photos in the vineyards.  "I tell people to visit a winery, walk through the vineyards with a cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine in the afternoon. There is a deep sense of peacefulness in the air and you feel it in your spirit.  If you're quiet enough, I guarantee you will feel the bliss in nature as God planned it."

Lisa was raised at Butterfly Creek Winery in the Sierra Foothills of California.  Her brother Bob, the winemaker often accompanies her on her early morning photo shoots. After graduating from the University of Santa Barbara California she started painting vineyards and hasn't stopped.  She currently resides in Sandpoint, Idaho. 
Guests are always welcome at my downtown studio

Please feel free to call or txt, I would love to hear from you.  
Im looking forward to meeting you all

Lisa V

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