Learn to paint the easy way with these step-by-step painting lessons.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint but didn't know where to start, well now there is an easier faster and way more fun way to do that. Here are over 50 art painting lessons that are easy to follow and fun to do while learning how to paint. Learning to paint has never been easier as these lessons give you easy to follow steps that take all the math out of the process and learn perspective the fast way, the way our eyes lee when looking out a window. Each lesson is a print out that will be mailed to you, usually the day you order it, so you can start painting right away. You will need a canvas or paper and acrylic or watercolor paints and a brush to do the lessons. Painting kits are available at additional costs and have everything you need in them to finish your own master piece. Each lesson is printed on card stock paper for durability and shipped from our studio to yours usually within 24 hours of your order. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and continuing to buy my lessons.

$9.99 per lesson

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Each lesson is created without math so perspective is easy to follow as you have loads of fun learning how to paint.