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BYOB Paint & Sip Class for Private Parties Reservations Hold

Paint and Sip Classes are a great way to have creative fun with friends and family.

Purchase one of these in order to hold a reservation for a private party. $70.00 is the minimum amount required to hold party date, this amount is fully applicable for two party members, i.e. 2 guests for a regular class. Make sure you have already pre-approved the date/time with the studio before purchasing.

This deposit is fully refundable if cancelled more than 14 days before the party. It's 50% refundable if cancelled more than 7 days before the party. No refund is given for cancellations within 7 days.

While $70.00 is the minimum amount required you can pay for more guests if desired. You will be asked for a quantity amount and you can add as many as 10 to this amount.


Available Art Lessons for Private Parties

"Midnight Path

"Vineyards and Poppies"

"Lakeside Views"

"My Good Friend Iris"

"All Smiles"

"Italian Nights"

"Little Blue House"

"A New Day"

"South Sandpoint"

"For the Girl Who Loves Red"

"Just a Little Place"

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