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Private Painting Lessons

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone to having joy in your life.” – Wayne Dyer

One on one private painting lessons

Learning how to paint can be a real joy. So why do so many people struggle with this relaxing experience? With thousands of classes and private lessons I have shown many artists how to create beautiful art with ease. Most struggle with the layout. Layout is the meat of the painting and blending is the heart. Once the layout or meat of the painting is done then the artist can relax and enjoy the process of blending. As crazy as it sounds, the layout is actually easy when you rely on your own eyes to guide the way. To many people struggle their way through this process when all they had to do was to reduce the painting into pieces and let their eyes guide them.

In the one-on-one classes I teach you the easiest way possible to handle layout so that you love the image. With over 25 years of experience, I came up with a system that works great in all mediums from beginners to advanced artists. All the while allowing each person to use their own style. I discovered this system after teaching children’s art for over ten years. The first thing I noticed was that if anything is too complicated kids lose interest fast and most of them will tell you say so. I later discovered that most adults like things to be easy too, but most adults don’t say anything. Once I started using this system on kids and then later adults, their layouts become easier to do and that made everyone happy. With just over a million in art sells I can honestly tell you that I still use this system to create great and sellable art.

Imagine being able to create wonderful art that you love enough to hang in your own home or sell if you like or just relax and enjoy yourself.

If you’re already a great painter you probably won’t need these types of lessons. You probably have your own system of handling perspective. But if you need a simple step-by-step system than these one-on-one lessons are perfect way to learn all about painting the absolute easiest way possible.

Space is limited. One-on-one painting lessons can be done Monday-Friday at 10:00 am and last 1.5 hours. Everyone finishes and painting and walks away with a better understanding on how to start, correct and finish beautiful art. Schedule a date by calling, texting or email at or my cell at 208.217.0554 Once you have a scheduled date you are welcome to pay here. Thank you all for taking the first step towards creating wonderful paintings.

For our younger painters,18 and under, we offer painting classes every other Friday at 10 am. Text for availability and dates. Cost is $40 per artist and everything is supplied for each painter.


One 1.5 hour lessons. 

Everything is supplied for you.

Contact for available dates

(208) 217-0554, text friendly

We meet virtual on Zoom or Face-time or at the Art Studio.

Lisa V Art Studio, 109 Main St. Sandpoint Idaho.

Please send your contact information to the studio e-mail, or text to 208-219-0554. 

Contact me, Lisa V. at,

208 217-0554

text friendly


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