One-on-One Painting

 I have been painting my whole life and like many other artists, I love it. Something about painting makes me happy. I didn't plan on becoming an artist, but the joy and excitement of painting kept calling me back. The biggest struggle for me was the layout and perspective. Let’s face it, dimensions can be tricky at first. Actually, I literally ignored it for a long time when I first started. After years of struggled I discovered that I sucked at painting and that’s when I knew I had to address perspective if my art was going to get better.

After teaching school kids for almost ten years, I discovered a system. This system looked at perspective a different way, an easy way, the way kids looks at things. The biggest difference was that it required no math. Yep you heard right, no math, no vanishing point and, no lines of horizon. This,different than most traditional ways of painting, was so easy that even an 8-year-old could follow along. It takes all the layout and breaks it up so the artist can see the design right away. After all we all want to paint, not spend hours figuring out what to paint and how to lay it out.

If you’re already a great painter you probably won’t need these type of lessons. You probably have your own system of handling perspective. But if you need help in guiding your paintings with simple step-by-step layouts than these one-on-one lessons are perfect for you. In addition to teaching you perspective by just painting, your designs start to get better every time you paint.

If you practice the system, it will teach you how to paint with ease and you don’t have to do anything but, just keep enjoying yourself while painting. These one-on-one lessons give you all the tricks and techniques so you can start right away with ease. The absolute best part about the one-on-one lessons is that once you learn this system you can start to create your own designs on anything you want to paint. Imagine painting whatever you want while doing the layout with ease and getting great results.

If you want to get really good then painting requires practice, practice, practice. And that’s what these one-on-one lessons are about. If you truly want to get professional and sell your art, or just be good enough to hang your beautiful paintings, then this type of painting is for you. If there was anything I would wish for you when I first started, it would have been this system. 

I have been teaching for over 25 years and still use this system to create all of my creations. You can become a master and enjoy the beauty of your own art and see it with your own eyes. Not to mention relax and create your own art for your home and office or give as wonderful gifts.


There is a limited number of spaces available.

For our younger painters,18 and under, we offer painting classes every other Friday at 10 am. Text for availability and dates. Cost is $40 per artist and everything is supplies for you.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone to having joy in your life.” – Wayne Dyer

Please send me a text or call to see if you have any questions. 

Text friendly (208) 217-0554



One 1.5 hour lessons. 

Everything is supplied for you.

Contact for available dates

(208) 217-0554, text friendly

We meet virtual on Zoom or Face-time or at the Art Studio if your feeling healthy.

Lisa V Art Studio, 109 Main St. Sandpoint Idaho.

Please send your contact information to the studio e-mail, or text to 208-219-0554. 

Contact me, Lisa V. at,

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