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Buying an Original Painting

When purchasing a painting it is reproduced as close to the original as possible. Please note that the way I paint is by putting rich paint right onto the surface and then blending it into rich deep colors. Because of my painting process, French Impressionism, each painting will slightly vary. This means that each painting will have it's own unique original feel. These paintings take about a week to produce as there is a drying time needed between each painting session and then a final drying time before shipping.

Once your order is placed your painting will be started within a few days and shipping within a two to three weeks.

If you are not 100% happy with your paintings or limited edition prints please feel free to return it to me for a full refund. You have 7 days to live and love your art after it has arrived. 


Please make your purchases with careful thought by evaluating your space, budget and talking to me if needed. Once you have purchased one of my paintings I will send you an e-mail telling you when the painting will be started and the approximate shipping date. I usually ship UPS driver that brings the art to your door. After you have received your art work you have 7 days to hang and enjoy the painting. Please contact me if you need any assistance on hanging your painting. You have seven days to enjoy your art or you are welcome to package the painting back in its original box and send it back to me. You will be fully refunded no questions asked. You are however required to pay for the return shipping on the paintings and I can only be responsible for paintings from my studio. 

I really want you to enjoy your artwork and am so excited to have you see the painting and or prints in person.While I have tried to capture the richness of the art with photos they always look so much better in person.  I look forward to seeing how your painting looks in your home and would Love a picture for the website,with your approval of course..


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you


Lisa V Maus

109 Main Street

Sandpoint, Idaho

(208) 217-0554 text friendly





e-mail address;




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