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"Walk on Water"

Lazy Susan Original Oil Painting Pour, Ready to Use

Each Art Piece is truly an original and will vary slightly.





Original Oil Painting Pour on wood

18"wide Lazy Susan 


$18  ships in 21 days or less

You will be notified once it ships.

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Back of the Lazy Susan

Made to Order. The Lazy Susan you receive won't look exactly the same as the pictures shown, but will be very similar with the exact colors and layout as the picture. Because of the way they are made each one is truly unique and an original piece of art. Each one is handmade and does require time to make and completely dry before shipping. Each art piece usually but, not always, ships in 10 days or sooner, from the time of purchase.

About this Painting Pour Style

These beautiful pieces are all one of a kind.

These beautiful and usable pieces of art are created using a process of pouring the paint right on the surface and moving it around until I get a desired result. This process is so amazing and the results are extremely beautiful, I guarantee you will never see anything like it. They make wonderful gifts and fun conversational pieces. 

These painting pour Susan's are truly unique in that each one is different and original. The pouring process will have all the same colors and design layout as these above, but will be slightly different for each piece, as each one does its' own thing. The painting is then dried for about a week and a two-part epoxy resin is poured on top for a rich lush look. These are safe to put glasses on and wipe clean however we do not recommend leaving them outdoors for extended periods of time. The hardware that makes them turn is installed. They are ready to use and enjoy right out of the box.

I plan my painting pours with brilliant colors that I blend until they are slippery smooth. Once the paint is blended to perfection I then pour them together and then onto the surface. I move the paint around until I get the desired results. This may take only a few minutes but I will baby sit the result for hours making changes here and there until it looks perfect and stunning to the eye. Like you, I love to look at beautiful things and these painting pours are really pretty to look at. They make amazing gifts for that special someone who has everything. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Text friendly as well, 208 217-0554

Shipping Your Painting: 

• Shipping for art is about $18 per piece. Overseas international shipping generally please call ahead for pricing.

• Shortly after you have completed checking out on the website we will provide you with a shipping date. Once the art has been shipped you will be notified of the arrival date.

• We are currently using UPS as our shipping carrier.  We have ten years of experience shipping hundreds of Lisa's oil paintings across the globe, and we have not damaged a single painting in shipping.

• Your painting will be safely shipped with full insurance. For paintings we use special artwork shippers.  

Your painting is 100% guaranteed with a 7-day, no questions asked policy.


Thank your from the top of my heart, I know you will love these beautiful pieces of art.

Lisa V.