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Lisa V.  Maus Testimonials  

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I had so much fun in Lisa's Painting Class! Not only did I enjoy the painting experience I also learned a lot about why I painted the way we did! I encourage everyone to do this at least once - you will probably do it a second time and take a friend with you! D.F. Idaho  

I have been following Lisa's website for years and have loved her work ever since I first saw it but today I just received my own painting from her and wow it is even more brilliant in person and I Love it, thank you Lisa S.S. New York

I just opened the box to my painting and literally went to get my neighbor because it is so stunning. Her work is amazing. Now my neighbors is going to get a painting too. M.B. North Carolina

My husband and I have bought art all over the world and when we discovered Lisa's studio in Sandpoint we fell in love. Her work is amazing in person and we now own several pieces and plan on visiting her studio every year.

Mary and Tom, Palm Springs California

I travel for a living and don't usually make big purchases while on the road but the day I stepped into her studio I knew I had to take something home with me. I have been thankful every since. Luise Ventura California


​We were vacationing in Sandpoint for our anniversary when we walked into Lisa Studio and absolutely loved all the color. We had no intention on buying a painting but the bright colors and happy feeling made us feel different. We ended up buying a large piece and love looking at it every day with coffee. Thank you Lisa


I had been following Lisa’s website for years when I saw a painting that I could not resist. Lisa helped me with the purchase and to this day everyone who comes into my home complements me on my lol only painting in the house. Roy, upstate New York


I was visiting my sister when she said we had to go to a paint and sip class at Lisa's studio and wow did we have a good time. During the class there was a painting on the wall that kept talking to me and when class was over I bought it. It is probably the brightest thing in my house and everyone loves it, who sees it. Jennifer, North Carolina

I took a few art classes from Lisa and had so much fun that my family now traditionally does a class together every year when they come to Sandpoint. Louise, from Cincinnati.

My daughter bought one of Lisa’s paintings and when we went to visit were so amazed how the painting brightened up the whole room. I liked it so much my husband bought me a painting for my home and I love the color and cheerfulness. Mary and Mike from Detroit.

I had never bought art before when my new wife told me we needed color on the walls. I was thinking of prints but then she showed me Lisa’s website and for a reasonable rate we were able to put color on the walls and stay within a budget. Mark from Texas

My wife had been sick for some time and I tried everything to make her feel better. For some reason I felt better when she was feeling good. One day I saw a beautiful flower painting in a window and without thinking too much about it bought it and took it home. My wife looks at it every day and says how it makes her feel happy. That made me very appreciative of art. Thank you Lisa V. Rick from Portland Oregon.

I have been into many galleries from all over the world and when we walked into Lisa’s space we could feel the happy all around us. Of course we have bought several of her pieces and are very pleased to enjoy them in our home. Marian and John Palm Springs CA.

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My husband and I were celebrating a weekend in Sandpoint when we found the Lisa V Art Studio. The colors of all her paintings really pulled us in the door. The whole feel was happy. We ended up buying a wonderful tree painting and to this day love it. Thank you Lisa for adding to our special weekend, Marge and Dwight, Deer Park WA

I am from San Diego and have taken many paint and sip classes and had fun but when I went to Lisa’s I really felt like I learned a lot in addition to the fun. Laura San Diego, CA

We bought several pieces from Lisa one weekend, my wife loved them so much we went back the next weekend and bought 3 more. Tony and Marcy, Spokane WA

We 5 sisters had the best experience here. Lisa is very enthusiastic about art and an excellent teacher. She took the time to help us individual and made the experience so wonderful. Lisa went out of her way to accommodate us in many ways. We loved her studio, it’s in a great location, and I will definitely recommend her to everyone and look forward to coming back! Thank You so much, Lisa.

Cheryl N, Florida

My parents walked into Lisa’s studio and fell in love with the bright and happy art. They came back and got us and we all went back for a wonderful experience in addition to taking a few paintings home along with wonderful memories.  Tami and Tony, New Mexico

My family decided to visit Sandpoint Idaho for a weekend getaway and the first place we stopped was Lisa V’s Art Studio on Main and were so impressed that it was the last place we visited just before we left town with a painting. Thank You Lisa


I was worried about taking a painting class with my family but they signed me up anyway and I was so happy with the class that I will go again if my wife asks. Tom Coeur D’ Alene Idaho.

My wife and I had been going to Sandpoint for yearly vacations and one day wondered into to Lisa V Art Studio. My wife was so excited and happy that she told me all she wanted for her upcoming birthday was one of Lisa’s paintings. I surprised her with the one she loved most and every morning she looks at it and talks about Sandpoint and how she loves it. Thank you Lisa, for making birthday shopping for my wife easy. Tony and Lynn, Nevada


We bought a painting from Lisa and took our friends to her studio and they bought a piece themselves. They went home and showed it to their neighbors who now own three. Lisa has made a big impression on the Coeur D’ Alene community. Mary and Mike Coeur D’ Alene Idaho

My wife and I had been living in our new home for two years and literally had nothing on the walls. When we contacted Lisa about a visit to her studio she was so kind to send us a virtual view so we could pick out what we liked the best. She drove all the way to our home and let us see the paintings in our home. Needless to say we bought them all and have been happy ever since.

I have bought many of Lisa’s paintings and love them all. Luis Austin Texas


We had traveled for many years and enjoyed art in different countries all over the globe and were very pleasantly surprised when we walked into Lisa’s studio. We have bought several pieces and appreciate them every day. Tony and Lynn New York

My family and I took a class at the Lisa V Art Studio and had so much fun in addition to feeling like we really learned something about painting. We actually see things different. Ted and Terry Arizona

We have several of Lisa’s pieces and love them. It is so much fun to go into her studio and see the art in person as well as take a class or two. Thank you Lisa Luke and Kelly, Malibu,  CA

I was so excited to go into Lisa’s studio because I knew I was going to get another painting and every time I travel to Sandpoint I get to see all her new paintings. Many of her paintings sell before they get to her website so I know I’m always getting her latest work. I love my new painting and now I’m excited to see it in my home. Brenda Portland Oregon.

My wife and I had so much fun picking out our favorite painting and then before I even realized it I was making her an offer. She happily accepted and I truly feel we got a wonderful new art piece at a great price. Tony and Margaret Las Vegas NV

We love our paintings and receive many compliments. Lynda and Dave Seattle Wa

I have been to Lisa’s studio one other time and purchased art for gifts but today I purchased a piece for myself and plan on putting it in my entry way. Thomas K Anchorage Alaska

I took a class from Lisa and had so much fun I came back the next day with a friend and took another and now own all of her books and enjoy them with my kids too. Kim Montgomery AL

My husband and I walked into Lisa’s studio in Sandpoint and could actually feel the joy from viewing the paintings. We had no intention on buying art that day, nor did we need a thing however the paintings felt so happy and colorful that we ended up get three pieces and are very happy we did. Nancy and David Hampton, New Hampshire

I visited this art gallery in Sandpoint and literally fell in love with several of the paintings. I left and all day long just kept thinking about the paintings that I had viewed. The next day I bought them. Sue, Cleveland Ohio

I have taken many art classes and consider myself to be pretty good at painting but after just one of Lisa’s classes I really felt like I saw painting in a whole new way. Her approach was so easy and yet so advanced I literally felt like I learned more in two hours with her than in 5 years of other classes. Mary, Spokane Wa

We had been traveling and decided to stop in Sandpoint on our way to Canada. We walked around town and found this wonderful gallery with paintings that were so happy we had to buy several of them and have them shipped home. Trina T Austin Texas

I have given my employees many things over the years in appreciation of good work but recently I gave them a paint and sip class at the Lisa V Art Studio and to this day I still hear them talking and laughing about it in addition to hanging the art in the hallways. Thank You Lisa for giving them all a great afternoon. Chris, Colombia Bank

I am an artist who has done well for myself but when I found the Paint and Sip Books by Lisa V I was amazed at how much I learned in just one lesson versus years of practice. I plan on buy all her books. Greta Turin, Italy

We just opened our painting and were completely amazed at how pretty it was in person. Thank You Lisa we are very happy to have met you. Beverly and James, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Lisa is not only a talented artist but she’s also interested in helping her customers in many ways, from discovering Sandpoint to finding ways to encourage others through art. Thank you Lisa Tom and Chelsea Venture CA

When my family and I walked into Lisa’s art studio we all literally felt joy and happiness. Yes it was strange how paintings can actually lift your spirits and hers definitely did. We stayed for so long and Lisa was so nice that we ended up buying eight, yes eight pieces for our condo in Seattle. Thank You Lisa for the joy. Tempa and Lou, Seattle Wa

After taking a private lesson from Lisa I felt like I had learned more in two hours than the last 5 years of painting on my own. Mary Coeur d’ Alene Idaho

We love our new painting and have plans on getting more. Sarah, Palm Desert Ca.

We have many of Lisa’s painting and Love the brightness they bring to our home. Hope Idaho, Tina and Larry, Hope Idaho

If it weren’t for Lisa our home would have blank walls. Thank You Lisa Cyndi Woodland Hills, Ca

Thank you Lisa, we Love our new painting. Max, New Port Wa

My wife and I gave Lisa a 5 star rating because, we are not artists at all and we took a painting class one afternoon from her and we had such a good time! She’s very knowledgeable and accommodating and such a talented painter. Brook and Annie

I gave Lisa a 5 Star rating because she has a great gallery featuring stunning artwork. The paint and sip nights are especially popular. Lisa Manske

We at the Daily Bee take our ratings very seriously and we gave Lisa’s Studio the 2018 Best of Business Award because she has entertained hundreds of people in our town in her classes as well as been part of the art community for over 20 years. Congratulations Lisa from the Bonner County Daily Bee

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