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"Fall Sailing"

12" wide by 24" tall

Original Oil Panting on canvas, ready to hang and enjoy.


This Painting was inspired by how thankful I for living in the Northwest. Long hikes, beautiful outdoors and of course the wonderful lake.


Why not purchase a totally affordable, stunning print on styrene ready to hang and enjoy

or frame as desired.

"Fall Sailing" 

Mounted Art Print

12" wide by 24" tall


ready to hang and enjoy


Print on Canvas

Size 24"wide x 12" tall

$ 199.00   

ready to hang and enjoy

Prints on Canvas, Look and feel like an Original.

 Ready to Hang and Lisa V



About this Paintings

I create vivid, impressionistic oil paintings that capture the feeling of being in the vineyard at dawn or a landscape view fro the beautiful Pacific Northwest that takes your breath away and flowers that wake you up with color.

Most of my paintings are inspired by travels throughout the Northwest and Vineyards from around the world to things I see everyday. My technique is done with deep colors and loose brush strokes, in a wet-on-wet technique known as alla prima.  Alla prima comes from Italian, literally meaning "at first attempt" a loose blend of colors right on the canvas, like Vincent  van Gogh so the paint stays clean and crisp. this technique allows the paint to blend together like butter into rich and wonderful colors that capture the moment of all the cool places this planet has to show us.

I plan my paintings with brilliant color before I add thick and rich oil paint. I work with the paint as if it was butter as I blend rich and thick colors into one another with aliveness, while I use to hold back and no longer do, to create an alive painting. Really I just tell people if you step outside almost anywhere there is beauty to be found. We are blessed with so much awesome scenery here on Earth. I like to capture that wonder with clean and well thought out brush blends and like a musical note, every note matters to the whole. When you keep the paint clean then the colors stay bright and vibrant.  You can see the movement of every brush blend as if the painting is alive and fresh. The result is an impasto oil painting that has depth and richness from the texture of the paint.

Thank You

Lisa V.

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